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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Signs Do Not Nourish

by Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot
It is the enemy who tempts us, as he tempted Jesus, to demand always some visible proof of the miracle-working power of God: "Tell these stones to become bread" (Mt 4:3 NEB). A miracle would validate our own claim to be in close touch with the Father. But the important thing in life is not to be vindicated, nor to see miracles, but to walk by  faith--that is, to take God at his word. So shall we live.

So shall we follow Christ, content to do without the startling, the dramatic evidences that God is God, believing instead--in the face of all the enemy's taunts--the spoken Word of Him who calls Himself the I AM. Even in the  wilderness, even in our isolation and hunger, we need not ask for more than the Bread of Heaven.

Give us this day, Lord,
Not the miracles our human hearts long for,
Not the proud but brief satisfaction of saying to doubters,
"I told you so!"
But give us daily bread--only that which You see will truly nourish us in our pilgrimage towards home.


Source:, a ministry of Back to the Bible.
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